Our objective is to strengthen the kingdom’s ability to perform scientific research and advanced technology development, and to improving educational infrastructure in aerospace physics. Very light aircraft, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and micro air vehicles (MAVs) are critical components of this sector as they are used in many applications ranging from security surveillance to monitoring the atmosphere, weather, as well as discovering natural resources. We aim to collaboratively provide global-impact research results and advanced technology developments. Nowadays, we might not appreciate the vast amounts of technology and preparation planning that goes into even the simplest of space missions. As the demand for more complex space systems and aviation vehicle designs comes into fruition, research, development and innovation still plays an important role in reaching these goals. We are working towards becoming a world-class research center to enable advancements in Space and Aviation technology applications transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-driven society. our multidisciplinary collaborative research center has expert scientists who investigate design challenges and technology advancements. Activities focus on both innovative research and technology development for cutting-edge aircraft designs and spacecraft technology applications. Current research projects focus on topics of pressing interest which are furthermore aligned with the Kingdom’s global push to raise its technological profile. These include developing new green propellants, performing synergistic experimental and numerical studies of flapping wing flight characteristics of MAVs, and studying autonomous aircraft system identification and control using emerging machine learning methods. In addition we study astrophysics in space such as gravity and its waves, to verify the theory of relativity by using highly developed instruments with very precise measurements which are deployed to space in the form of satellite payloads. Our ultimate goals are to promote advanced research by providing a world-class venue for conducting research in different aspects of Aeronautics and Astronautics. As such our Technology Leaders Program trains Saudi researchers to carry out cutting-edge and globally competitive research. Facilitating a primary source for innovation and IP generation that will catalyze start-ups in the field of Aerospace Technology and Autonomous Vehicles. Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been striving to become a regional leader in critical areas of the aeronautics sector, which is characterized by accelerating local technological advancements and increasing global competitiveness. In fact, along with the vision 2030 initiative and the national transformation plan 2020, the Kingdom is currently shifting its focus from an oil-based society to a more industrial-based knowledge driven economy.


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